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A new translation engine even more reliable and accurate.

An unrivalled translation swiftness: less than two seconds for a page of 200 words.

A perfect integration in your favorite applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

A multi-level customization: style, translation preferences...

Immediate translation of Web pages.

Translation software at your service : French - English - German - Spanish

New functions A powerful translation engine
Three specific modules
Important note References Required configuration

If you want to understand an e-mail or a Web page in French, in German or in Spanish, to make a proposal for a contract, to create a product documentation, a PowerPoint presentation in French, or to translate documents for your job or your pleasure without understanding these foreign languages...

Reverso is here to help you. In a few seconds, you may obtain this translation without quitting your application (Word, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint or Outlook)! Reverso will enable you to translate documents of any kind and of any size, and to preserve the entire layout of your document.

Reverso Pro 5 : New functions

  • Self-learning : if a word has multiple translations, you can choose the one you prefer by clicking on the word. The alternative you have chosen will always be displayed in the first position by Reverso when translating.
  • Personalize your translation : you can indicate if the subject is feminine, choose British or American spelling, etc.
  • Integration in PowerPoint and Outlook : you can integrate Reverso Pro 5 in Word and Excel, as well as in PowerPoint and Outlook XP.
  • Printing in bilingual format : with Reverso Pro 5, you can automatically view and print the source text and its translation.

Reverso Pro 5 is also a powerful translation engine :

  • An exceptional translation swiftness : Reverso translates a page of 200 words in less than two seconds for a standard configuration (Pentium 166).
  • An appreciable translation accuracy : all tests show an exceptional quality of analysis and synthesis.
  • Easy to use : Reverso Pro 5 interface enables you to access rapidly to the most frequent functions.
  • Specialized dictionaries and encoding facilities are available as an extra option to customize the user dictionary.
More information regarding automatic translation in general can be found in this page.

The Reverso Pro 5 software includes three translation modules for translation according to your user profile

Important note

  • Reverso Pro 5 is available in several pairs of languages. For more information, please feel free to send us your details, and we will contact you.
  • Warning : Microsoft Internet Explorer needs to be installed on your computer if you wish to use WebView. A free version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is available on this site.


  • Reverso Pro 5 English/French/English Windows
  • Reverso Pro 5 German/French/German Windows
  • Reverso Pro 5 English/Spanish/English Windows
  • Reverso Pro 5 French/Spanish/French Windows
  • Reverso Pro 5 English/German/English Windows
Reverso Pro 5 is available for these pairs of languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on new language pair.

Required configuration

Pentium processor or 100% compatible
Windows 98, Millenium, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
RAM : 64 Mb
Disk space : 40 Mb
CD-ROM drive

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